Kate Vernon

To date, Kate’s long career as a busy actress has enabled her to play an engaging and wide variety of roles from the beautiful, funny, the love interest, dramatic, comedic, the misunderstood, the mistress, the mother and the dynamic. With her most recent roles in movies including the box office smash The Last Song and the comedy National Lampoon’s Snatched. Her versatility as an actress has seen Kate recently star in the hit TV series Heroes, Bones, as well as CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, The Mentalist, and Saving Grace. Her recurring role as Ellen Tigh in the award-winning Battlestar Galactica has won her an international fan base. With a timeless beauty and meticulous approach to her characters, these qualities have enhanced Kate’s reputation not only as an on-screen beauty, but as an actress with experience to adapt to any kind of role. She can currently be seen appearing in the new show, The 100.