Official, unofficial schedule

Remember the schedule is never set in stone until after it happens, but here is our current approved schedule! Military Sci-fi Media (MSFM) 2018 Track Schedule Title/Date/Time/Room Description/Audience MSFM Meet & Greet Onesie Mixer:   Thu 07:00 pm;  Chastain DE;   2.5 Hour(s) Audience: General So many fandoms…what’s a Con-goer to do? At the Thursday night MSFM […]

50 Days of Dragon Con

We will once again be joining Jon over at Unique Geek for the 50 Days of Dragon Con podcast. Keep an eye out for our episode, as well as other great episodes of the podcast. Thanks to Jon and Rox once again for allowing us to be guests on the show!

Don S. Davis Memorial Charity Auction

Returning to Dragon Con for 2018, we will once again have the annual Don S. Davis Memorial Charity Auction. There are a few updates for this year though. For many years the auction has been held in the Hyatt, Hanover CDE rooms. This year it is returning to its previous location, Hyatt Regency V which […]

Store is back online

Again this year we will be offering shirts and challenge coins! This year the shirts celebrate the 25th anniversary of Babylon 5, as well as the double 40th/15th anniversary of Battlestar Galacitca! This year’s coin is dedicated to Richard Hatch, involved deeply in both versions of Battlestar. You can find the store here.